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1) When will my order be delivered?

Ans: We strive to deliver most orders within the time slot on the day selected by our customers. Time slot and date of delivery would be visible on the order history page on the app and also our website. We cannot commit an exact delivery time as our delivery personnel will deliver according to their routes.

INSTANT delivery orders leave our warehouse within 30-50 min of order confirmation. 

2) When will I receive my refunds, if any?

Ans: Our normal refund initiation time is DELIVERY DATE+2 days. During this time, we expect to make any edits on accounts of returns/ short supplies made post confirmation from our warehouse. Refunds to Atcost Wallet (once initiated are immediate), whereas refunds to original payment mode (card/ bank) may take further 3-5 days to reflect in your account. You will receive a notification once the refund is initiated to your card/ bank account. You can call/ email our contact center to request a preference for refund mode.

3) My payment is deducted but I do not see my order in the order history page, what to do?

Ans: If payment is deducted from your bank/ card account but the order is not confirmed, do not worry. Sometimes the payment gateway sends us payment confirmation with delay. We check for payment confirmation for 15 min after order confirmation and if we receive success confirmation by the payment gateway, we auto-confirm your order. If the payment confirmation is further delayed, your order goes into a weekly reconciliation process where we refund all such transactions where the payment was confirmed with delay and order not confirmed.

4) What is your refund/ return policy?

Ans: Please refer to our policies here.

5) If there a loyalty program or promotions for regular customers?

Ans: We pride on our ability to deliver exceptional value to all our customers through high quality products at reasonable prices, quick & reliable deliveries, liberal return policies. We believe our customers are with us due to the above. Additionally we may run promotions and/ or loyalty programs from time to time for our different channels and customer groups. The details of current loyalty program for our offline stores can be found here.

6) I am not a customer, where can I send a general query or where can I send a suggestion?

Ans: We would be happy to receive your comments, suggestions, requests on

7) Why do I receive an error "Items not available" and then have to remove it from my cart?

Ans: Item availability varies from location to location. Hence if you added items to your cart without logging into your account or changed your delivery address, you may receive this error. You may also receive this error if the items got sold out before you could complete your transaction.

8) Why did I not receive some items in my order?

Ans: This may happen in situations such as quality issues at warehouse level (we would prefer not to send such items), stock-out situations due to higher than expected orders etc. Please do not worry, we will process your refunds to your wallet/ original payment mode as per 2) above.

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